Benefits of Virtual Reality to Interior Design

Benefits of Virtual Reality to Interior Design. If you’re amongst those who think visual technology is just for video games and nothing more, then you’re still living in 2010. Virtual reality (VR) is now a fully feasible tool for developers, interior designers, and architects to communicate and sell their designs to potential clients. This technology provides numerous advantages that are improving the way designers interact with their concepts and customers.

Before the rise of virtual reality (VR), interior designers and architects relied on renderings, drawing skills, intuition and the costly process of trial and error. As architecture and interior design industries continue to develop, technology has furthered the evolution of designer’s role and design process with the birth of virtual reality (VR). So, are you looking for the perfect way for your potential buyers to fully understand your designs? Render Atelier got you covered.

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Based in LondonRender Atelier creates amazing virtual reality experience for business in the design, construction, and manufacturing sector. We work with a varied clientele encompassing property developers, architects, interior designs and manufactures, amongst others.

Am sure you’d like to know what virtual reality (VR) can offer you as an interior designer. So, let’s jump right into it.

Seeing versus predicting

The most obvious benefit of using virtual reality is that designers can see the end result of their work even before it is built. This allows designers to inspect their model in previously impossible details at an early stage, which helps them grasp its complexities more comprehensively.

Virtual reality (VR) allows designers to engage with the environment they’re in. Changing finishings, furnitures and colour schemes and being able to walk through the space, seeing these changes, will help clients visualize the way their home will look like and make any correction or additions.

Sometimes, a client may still struggle to understand the complexities of a design when presented to them in a drawing. Virtual reality (VR) strips away any confusion that might occur, letting your client step directly into the heart of the design and see exactly what your proposal will have on their interior space.

Better space visualization

It’s difficult for us as humans to replicate the spatial features of a given environment in our mind’s eyes – Making it unavoidable that adjustments and corrections will be required when translating a designer’s vision to reality. Virtual reality (VR) changes the game in this respect. Being able to virtually inhibit the space will give the designer a precise idea of the spatial qualities of the project, such as the relationships between spaces and the way in which light and sound operate within them.

Virtual reality (VR) is the only way to demonstrate scale and space in a design project, aside from making physical replicas which is expensive.  Virtual reality (VR) brings a sense of awe to your design by putting clients inside your design and giving them a lifelike sense of perspective. Virtual reality (VR) has the ability to change the time of day, season, and even weather conditions. The way a property has been designed to accommodate natural environmental shifts can be made clear to clients.


Final thoughts

3D interior design in cities like London is fast becoming an indispensable part of interior designing, and to be on top of the food chain in this sector, you should seek the help of a 3d rendering services

Most people think of 3D rendering as simply putting on Virtual reality headset and foreseeing things. There is much more than that, that’s why you’d need professionals like us to help you maximize the full potential of 3D interior design and make sure you give your clients an unforgettable experience.

As with everything 3D interior design has its own pros and cons. Well, that’s where we come in to help you as professionals. At Render Atelier, our team of professionals boasts vast experience in this field which puts us in the best position to solve all kinds of problems you might encounter while visualizing your projects with virtual reality (VR).

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